Can I eat raw eggs?


can i eat raw eggs

People who prefer eating raw eggs are of the opinion that cooking the eggs changes the structure of the animal proteins, and hence leads to loss in nutrients. However, it is to be remembered that there is no definite scientific 

Best time to eat sugar


best time to eat sugar

The ill effects of sugar cannot be sugar-coated, so to speak. Sugar causes immense damage to the system, and is the cause of a plethora of deadly illnesses, starting from diabetes to some forms of cancer. Sugar is related to 

Best time to eat strawberry


best time to eat strawberry

There is a lot of contention among dietitians regarding the best time to eat fruits, and that includes strawberries. A lot of dietitians are of the opinion that strawberries are best consumed after a meal, while others opine that they 

Best time to eat beets


best time to eat beets

According to some recent studies, the best time to eat a beetroot is before a workout. Although the truth of this statement is yet to be judged, it can certainly be assumed that beets are, in general, extremely healthy. They 

Can I eat chocolate every day?


can i eat chocolate everyday

To be completely honest, we don’t think anyone really needs a reason to eat chocolates. It is one of the most delicious things that mankind has even been able to make, and most of us hold the string opinion, nay 

Can I eat avocado every day?


eating avocado everyday

An avocado is a great fruit. You can put it in salads, in burritos, and in sandwiches. You can make the pasta healthy and your salads even healthier. As some would say, the avocado can make anything taste good, and 

Can I eat bananas at night?


can i eat banana at night

When you wonder about eating something at night, you usually refer to eating it right before bed, for your dinner. In such cases, there are two factors playing in your mind: sleep and digestion. The same goes for the banana. 

Best time to take Vitamin C


best time to take vitamin c

Vitamin C is a naturally occurring water soluble vitamin found in different kinds of foods around us. Vitamin C is obtained through food or in dietary supplements since it is not naturally produced by the body. It is essential to 

Can I eat broccoli every day?


eating broccoli everyday

Broccoli is a plant of the cabbage family. It is one of the most nutrient dense foods out there, and is a rich source of dietary fibers. It is also very low in calories, which makes it an ideal addition 

Can I eat apple at night?


can i eat apple at night

An apple is more or less a miracle fruit. It is full of essential nutrients, and a whole lot of fiber. The popular saying: ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ more or less sums up the goodness that