Best time to eat muesli


best time to eat muesli

Muesli, as we all know, is the perfect weight loss food. Now a healthy weight loss program involves cutting down calories, not essential nutrients. Muesli is great for this purpose; you can mix and match it with a bunch of 

Best time to eat beef jerky


best time to eat beef jerky

Beef jerky is a ubiquitous item in almost everyone’s refrigerator. These pieces of cured and salted meat, often with flavors accentuated with various spices and other condiments, are extremely tasty food stored by almost everyone. Beef jerky was probably invented 

Can I freeze and reheat eggs?


can i freeze reheat eggs

In today’s busy life, it is not always possible for us to eat freshly cooked food. While it is not a good idea to opt for takeouts and deliveries from eateries, the next best idea is to cook in batches 

Can I eat beans at night?


can i eat beans at night

Eating at night is always a dubious question with many answers. Whether or not you will eat at night really depends on your lifestyle and your body type. So basically, if you have a night job, you will obviously be 

Best time to eat noodles


best time to eat noodles

Noodles are ubiquitous in all cuisines if almost all cultures across the globe. What started off in pockets of South East Asia and certain parts of Europe has taken the world by storm. The best part about noodles is its 

Best time to eat radish


best time to eat radish

Radish is usually a winter vegetable in most parts of the world, and it is likely that it is not on the list of your favorite vegetables. And that is not surprising; with its pungent taste and aroma, and a 

Best time to eat cereal


best time to eat cereal

Cereal is usually something we associate with the mornings. Our entire school life must be associated with memories of a bowl of breakfast cereal in a saucerful of milk. Whole wheat and bran most of the days, and on days 

Best time to eat pomegranate


best time to eat pomegranate

In general, the best time to eat any fruit is first thing in the morning after a glass of water. This applies to pomegranate as well. Fruits, including pomegranates, are very rich sources of a variety of vitamins, minerals, and 

Can I Eat Broccoli At Night?


can i eat broccoli at night

Broccoli is somewhat of a staple veggie in most our diets. It’s kinda like the OG vegetable. When you think about veggies you also inevitably think about broccoli. This status that broccoli has earned isn’t just some gimmick, it’s because 

Best time to drink hot water


best time to drink hot water

Water is, as we all know very well, a miracle drink. It is the most drunk beverage in the world, and for good reason too; good health begins with drinking plenty of water each day. Water is known for its